Mechanical and electrical installations

We specialize in comprehensive installation of machines and devices for the industrial, automotive and intralogistics industries. Our services extend throughout Europe, where our team of experts carries out projects with the greatest precision and attention to detail. Our technicians are qualified specialists who have successfully installed lines for packing steel sheets, advanced parcel sorting plants, window production lines, modern paint shops, machines for cutting and stacking paper sheets, aluminum foil separators and many others. We understand that some projects require specialized equipment. We ensure that all necessary tools and machines will be available on site to ensure that work runs smoothly and without disruptions.

Electrical installation

We also have extensive competences in the field of electrical installation, which allows us to offer comprehensive installation services. Our team consists of experienced electricians who ensure that all electrical aspects are installed to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. We build control cabinets and control desks according to the documentation provided or developed by us based on the assumptions provided. We perform periodic and post-assembly electrical measurements – before acceptance of low- and medium-voltage installations.

Services and modernizations:

We also offer services and modernization of production lines and machinery. Our maintenance services include regular inspections, repairs and updates to your systems to ensure their reliability and long-term performance. We provide comprehensive machine services, including services of automation systems, pneumatic systems and power hydraulics. In the case of modernization, we adapt and improve existing systems to meet new technological and production requirements.

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